Crew Declaration Example

Below is an example of the waiver each team member will need to agree to individually. Ahead of the day, teams signed up will receive a formal copy to sign. There may be minor changes to this declaration, please ensure you read the final one you receive before the day.

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CREW DECLARATION FORM: In agreeing to this ‘Crew Declaration’ the crew member named here agrees to the conditions of entry as listed in the promoter’s Terms and Conditions.

Notwithstanding any of these conditions, the crew’s statutory rights are not affected.

Also that:

(a) They are confident in water, and can swim unaided for a minimum distance of 50 metres whilst wearing a personal flotation device (buoyancy aid supplied by the ‘Company’),

(b) Crew members with disabilities will sign a separate waiver (to be issued at registration on the day), and have satisfied the promoter this has been done, stating:

That they are able to sit unaided in the boat, be capable of communicating with, and obeying instructions given by, the Event’s representatives both on and off the water and are confident in water whilst wearing a personal flotation device. There is no absolute requirement for people with mobility issues or other special needs to be able to swim 50 metres. In all cases a person with disabilities must be escorted by an able-bodied helper (buddy) who will be briefed as to their duties whilst on the water. In the event that no buddy can be organised from within the team, an additional charge may be levied for the supply of a trained member of the event team to act as a personal buddy. (See below)

(c) The crew accepts that in the interests of safety, the Organiser has the absolute right to remove a whole crew or individuals within that crew from a race or races, if he/she or they are deemed to be unfit to race, or if weather conditions or other safety factors affecting the water conditions warrant such action.

(d) There will be no reduction or reimbursement of fees for crews of less than 10 plus a drummer, or in the case of a crew member or members being removed from a race or races for any reason.

(e) The crew undertakes to abide by the race rules in the festival plan, as may be periodically amended, which will be emailed to each Team Captain on confirmation of their entry and also made available for download from the homepage ten days before the festival.

(f) DECLARATION OF FITNESS TO COMPETE – Crew members are required to declare to the helm on the day if they are a weak swimmer, non-swimmer, or have a medical condition that might affect their safety or performance on the water.

Such conditions might include but are not limited to:

(a) They suffer from chest pains or shortness of breath

(b) They have been told by their Doctor that they have heart trouble

(c) They have been told that their blood pressure is too high or too low

(d) They have had fainting or dizzy spells

(e) They have undergone recent surgery

(f) They suffer from bone or joint problems e.g. arthritis, spinal injury etc.

(g) There is no other reason why they should not participate in an exercise programme, which, in the case of Dragon Boat Racing, would not normally exceed 2 minutes of active aerobic exercise per race.

This list is not exhaustive. If you are in any doubt about your fitness to compete, you must ask the Company’s representative for advice prior to undertaking the training and race programme.