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The Rotary Club of Northwich


 Dragon Boat Challenge 2018


Terms & Conditions



  1. Crew Numbers. Crews may register up to 13 people in their team, but a maximum crew of 10 paddlers (subject to overall weight of the crew and the prevailing conditions) plus a drummer will be permitted to enter each race. In the opinion of the helm, where the weight of the crew or conditions on the day makes safe boat handling a problem, the boat’s helm has the absolute authority to require the crew to reduce the number of paddlers or replace the drummer. No refunds or reductions will be offered for crews competing or entering with
    less than the prescribed number.
  2. Drummers. Every team must have a drummer for each race.
  3. Event safety – swimming. All able-bodied crew members must be declared competent in deep water and capable of swimming 50 metres with the aid of an approved personal flotation device (buoyancy aid). Such buoyancy aids will be provided by Race The
    Dragon Ltd. for competitors use whilst on the water.
  4. Disqualification. In circumstances where any team member(s) are, in the opinion of any official from Race The Dragon Ltd. under the influence of excess alcohol or deliberately
    trying to capsize the boat or behaving in such a way that could result in either damage to
    the boats or a danger to the crew, then those officials have the authority to disqualify the
    team member(s) from further participation in the day.
    Where such person(s) are disqualified but refuse to leave the crew, it is the responsibility of
    the Team Captain to remove the disqualified person(s). If the disqualified person(s) still
    refuses to leave, then the whole team may be disqualified from further participation in the
    No refund will be due to any person or team disqualified and the Event Director’s decision is
  5. Special Needs / Disabled. Where any team member(s) is either disabled or ‘having special needs’, then for safety reasons they must inform the boat’s helm prior to each race.
    Persons such identified to the helm will then be given a ‘Hi-Vis’ jacket which must be worn
    over their buoyancy aid whilst in the boat and must be handed back to the boat’s helm
    or beach marshal when the crew member(s) disembark the boat.
  6. Previous experience. No previous experience of Dragon Boat Racing is necessary in order to compete and all crews compete at their own risk.


  1. Safety Brief. All team members are required to partake in the team safety brief before the start of their first race. Your safety brief will cover:
  • How to hold the paddle correctly and the best paddle stroke to use
  • The various commands you will hear from the Helm and what each one means,
  • How to move the boat forward and how to stop the boat,
  • How to stop the boat capsizing
  • The “Buddy Buddy” system and what to do in the event of a capsize


At the end of the safety brief, all team members present will be issued with a coloured wrist band and only people wearing these wrist bands will be permitted into the dragon boats.


  1. Minimum Age. In the interests of safety a minimum age of sixteen years old is set for competitors and twelve years old for the drummer.
  2. Cancellation. All entry fees are non refundable.*
  3. Late Payments: The festival organisers reserve the right to charge a £20.00 administration fee for all payments not completed by 17:00 on Friday, 22nd June 2018.
  4. Head-to-Head Races: For companies or organisations that have two or more teams entering, we will endeavour to organise (where possible) a Head-to-Head Race in Round 3 and seed the teams in such a way so they do not meet during rounds one & two. This then gives the teams the opportunity to experience several ‘training’ rounds before their big event.

We recommend any company or organisation with teams competing in a Head-to-Head Race get trophy shields organised for their teams. At the award ceremony, we will invite the most senior member of the company in attendance to come up and present the shield to their winning team, which would make a great photo opportunity for your company website / newsletter.


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