Trade and Charity Stalls

Trading at Northwich River Festival 2018


We hope to have as wide a range of stalls as possible. Here are the details if you wish to have a stall:


Charities: £10 for one or two days (payable in advance)
Trade Retail (including amusements and boat traders): A minimum 10% donation of each day’s gross takings (payable at the end of each day)(£25 deposit per day payable in advance)
Trade – Display Only: Per 3m x 3m space – One day: £45, 2 days: £60 (payable in advance)


Terms and Conditions:

  1. You may only carry out those activities as agreed with your booking.
  2. No booking will be confirmed before receipt of required payment.
  3. Stalls must be placed as per the agreed site layout.
  4. No individual generators will be permitted (except as part of a Trade Boat’s normal electrical circuit)
  5. Each stall using electricity or gas must have a suitable fire extinguisher available. (Dry Powder for Gas and CO2 for Electrical fires.)
  6. All stalls must have any required certificates (e.g. Hygiene, PAT) either on display or available for immediate inspection.
  7. All stalls must have Public Liability Insurance.
  8. All stalls will be required to submit, not later than seven days before the event, a Risk Assessment covering set-up and breakdown, and general running procedures.
  9. Trade stall fees are to be settled at the end of each day.
  10. Due to the unpredictability of the British weather, the organiser will not be held responsible for any perceived low footfall at the event.
  11. Traders are to provide suitable waste bins for public use. These should be suitable for the anticipated volume of use, and monitored and emptied as necessary.
  12. Traders must provide suitable floor covering to prevent damage to the surface on which the stall is located – including pads for the feet of any gazebo legs, trailer wind-down legs and jockey wheels. Any reparation fee will be charged to the trader.
  13. Stalls will not be able to be pegged down. Suitable means of weighting-down the stall must be provided by the trader.
  14. Traders should bring sufficient water for their needs.
  15. Traders will only be able to play music with the express permission of the organiser, and any music played must be done so at an agreed level at all times.
  16. Boat traders must have a minimum of one buoyant throwline immediately accessible.
  17. All vehicles to be parked as per the final instructions (to be issued nearer the event).